Monday, March 15, 2010


That's about the perfect word to describe things right now - "BLECH!" The weather, colds, etc. So gray, so rainy, so yucky, just blech. Caroline and Bryce started with colds on Friday and by Friday evening when they spent the night at my mom's, they were in full fledged cold-land. Piper woke up with it on Sunday and both Jason and I had the telltale throat tickle too. I felt run down yesterday and just not up to doing much of anything.

Then Caroline and Bryce got themselves into a heap of trouble before bedtime last night as they were supposed to be cleaning up their rooms while Jason and I finished up watching the Men's NCAA Selection Show and instead of cleaning, they were up in their bathroom spitting water at one another. The bathroom was soaked, their rooms were a mess, and we were angry. They each cleaned up their rooms without much complaining (finally!), took the fastest baths ever, and then went and cleaned up the playroom while I got Piper ready for bed.

When I went up to bed a little after 10pm, Caroline was stirring because her nose was stuffy and everyone knows Caroline CANNOT sleep with a stuffy nose. Oh lord. Thank heavens she is now 6 years old and can have the occasional squirt of decongestant nasal spray to get her through the extremely stuffy times. However, I had barely gotten into my pajamas when Piper started to cry. I went in, she felt warm, so I gave her Motrin and within seconds she threw up. Knowing what a sensitive gag reflex she has, I was guessing it was just her gagging on phlegm and the medicine. Got us both cleaned up (yum) and back to bed. But, less than 20 minutes later she was crying again and as I was going in I could hear her throwing up again. Lovely. This time it was a lot more. Jason did crib duty while I gave her a quick bath. We got her settled back down and I finally went to bed. I slept terribly since Bryce was coughing every 2 seconds and I was waiting for Piper to wake back up. Jason gave Bryce a dose of Delsym at 4:30 and his cough was finally quieted. I got up at 6:30 and felt terrible - the cold was hitting me, I was a little achy, and just tired from a lousy night of sleep. Piper was up before 7am crying, but thankfully no more barf. She sipped on some apple juice as I made the calls to opt out of work for the day. She had a low grade fever again but once the Motrin kicked in she was fine. She ate some toast and dry cereal and was acting pretty normal. I'm really thinking that the throwing up was the gagging and not any kind of virus, although I am watching what she eats/drinks today. Given that what she threw up was only he vegetables from her dinner and none of the dairy that she'd had, makes me think her belly isn't sick. Usually when you have a stomach virus, nothing gets digested. So here's hoping this nasty end of winter cold passes us all quickly. Usually with my Vitamin D imbibing, my colds don't get terribly bad anymore - just annoying for a few days. The weather is supposed to perk up nicely as we transition into spring later this week too, so hopefully we'll all be in for a treat this weekend!

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Heather said...

Eww. Not fun. Hope you all feel better really quick!