Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beautiful, Handsome & Adorable

Those are my 3 pet names for the kids when they are all dressed up like this:

My mom bought them these "Easter" clothes the week of Snowzilla and we decided to have them go to church with my parents this Sunday (Palm Sunday) rather than next.  Jay and I don't do church and since my grandmother is still here she would be there to help my parents who are both in the choir (my parents' church has the choir in a rear balcony so it's pretty informal and the kids don't have to sit as still as they would if they were down with the rest of the congregation).   Plus, Easter Sunday is notoriously crazy up in that choir loft and the kids didn't like the loud brass instrument accompaniments they usually have on that day in year's past.  Jason and I took advantage of the free morning to go to the grocery store - hot dog!  They'll get to wear them again next Sunday for the family Easter get together.  Hopefully it will be warmer than this week!

Anyway, the girls dresses are SO cute and my mom got them the little white sweater shrugs to go with them.  Bryce could have had a lavender sweater vest/plaid shirt to coordinate but I thought it was a little overkill on the lavender and the blue brings out his eyes so much.  Caroline couldn't wait to put her's on and was dressed well over an hour before.  Piper cried when I was trying to put her's on her, but got over it once it was zipped up and on.  Bryce's pants are a 4T and still pretty big on him - I just don't think my little boy is going to be as tall as his daddy (as he hopes to be). My mom also got Caroline a matching hair band to go with the outfit but when she put it on, she found that it didn't have "teeth" which means it wouldn't hold her growing bangs back so she abandoned it for one of her do it all clips.  And of course, I wasn't allowed to lay a finger on it, even though I thought it needed to be brushed a little better.

As we were getting their jackets on (huge thank you to my MIL who got them all new spring jackets that were the perfect weight for this weather), Piper decided to accessorize her outfit with a metal lunchbox purse and the rainbow flower lei you see on the side in the photo above.  Silly girl!

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Viv said...

Love the outfits! We too dressed up in out Easter outfits for church today since we are skipping church next week. The weather is supposed to be nice a warm (dare I say close to 80) next weekend (or so they say now) that the girls will most likely wear them for part of the family gathering on Easter Sunday too (I have fun Easter shirts for them to wear too)

Your kids are adorable E!

(and BTW Makenzie is wearing size 5 these days, so I hope B catches up soon!)