Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools on Daddy?

Tonight as Caroline was getting into the tub she said, "Mommy, tomorrow is April Fool's day, we need to play a joke on daddy!"  Eh???

Little does she know my history with playing jokes on Jason.  Back in our pre-child days, I used to pride myself on scaring the bejeezus out of him any chance I got.  I'd know he was coming into the apartment and I'd hide in places he'd never expect thinking I wasn't home yet.  Man, I got him good a few times.  One time though, I tried hiding while we were both in the apartment and didn't realize he was watching me.  Turns out that time he scared me because when I turned around there he was.  Boo!  A good laugh that was!

I don't know why having kids changes that.  Maybe I've just lost my energy to play around as much?  Or maybe I just had more time to think up devious plans like that.  I always liked a good plan to scare someone.

So maybe, Caroline, we DO need to get daddy on AFD.  You're all 3 lousy hiders so I think that option is out for now (you can't stay quiet to save your lives!).  And it's not like he doesn't read this, so he's going to be on high alert.  Hmmmmmmm, at least we'll have all day tomorrow to think of something.  Watch out, Jason!

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