Friday, March 26, 2010

Amazon Filler

Amazon Filler Item Finder

I saw this a few months back in Real Simple and thought at the time how useful it would be but didn't have a need for it at the time.  How often do you go on to buy something and find you are only a buck or two away from free shipping?  Well, this site to the rescue!!

This morning I ordered 2 books that left me 58 cents from the magic $25 mark.  Crap.  But then I remembered this site.  I went, plugged in 58 cents in the search and HOLY COW!  I couldn't believe all the cheapo items out there - there was actually a selection.  I ended up adding a 58 cent box of colored chalk to my order and it automatically qualified for free shipping.  WOOHOO!  No need to go over $25 with some item you really don't need.  The kids can always use some extra chalk, so this was a no brainer.  Saved me almost $13 in shipping.

Keep this one if your back pocket!  I'm sure you'll need it sometime. 


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This happens to me all the time and I end up buying a $15 book I don't need! Thanks!!