Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's Waldo? Probably with Bryce

My mom got each of the big kids a 'Where's Waldo?' book for Christmas.  My brother was pretty addicted them for a while when he was a kid (as was my BIL, Jeremy).  When they opened them with my brother there, they instantly got into them and the kids enjoyed looking through the pictures with Wacky Uncle Kev.  Although after Christmas they sat on the bookshelf for a few weeks without much interest.  But then Bryce got into them again.  Now, most nights, Bryce doesn't want to read a bedtime story, he wants to look for Waldo, Wenda, Odlaw, Woof, etc.  He'll sit so quietly and patiently and look for even the tiny little details that it tells you to look for beyond just the main characters.  What's funny is that when Bryce ropes Jay or me in, we get pretty wrapped up in it too. Last night I wasn't sure what was going on in Bryce's room because it was so quiet in there - I thought maybe they had both fallen asleep. 

Caroline likes them too but they haven't captured her attention like they have Bryce.  Bryce sat this morning and showed my mom all the Waldo books he doesn't have yet as displayed on the back of one of the books.  (I think that's a hint, Bertie!) And when I just called home to see how everyone was Caroline was up in her room singing, Piper was napping, and Bryce was looking at Waldo books. 

We still haven't found Waldo yet on the final page of the 'Where's Waldo? In Hollywood' yet.  Have you seen that one?  Nearly impossible, although I'd bet Kevin and Jer have found him.


Heather said...

Gretchen is into the I Spy books! She loves looking for the little hidden objects.

Erika said...

Caroline has I Spy for her Leapster and LOVES it. (It's just like the books only better!)

Viv said...

Makenzie has 2 books like this - both Disney, one Princess based and the other boy movie based (Toy Story, Cars, Incredibles, Up, Nemo) Each page has a different movie theme with a list of people/things to find. Kenzie LOVES them and just like Bryce will give up a a bedtime story to look at the pages and hunt. She's looked at them so much that I need to look into finding new ones to keep her happy (any ideas? Waldo seems perfect though and I know there are lots of Waldo books out there)

Viv said...

I just had a thought - have you looked into getting him the Highlights Puzzle Buzz/Hidden Pictures magazines. Kenzie gets them every now and then with her High Five magazine (younger version of Highlights) and she loves it!