Thursday, February 11, 2010

What to do?

I'm sure today will involve some outdoor activity since the kids were wanting to go out yesterday and now with the bright sun, it's more inviting. There's actually not much shoveling to be done in our driveway since the two swoops Jason took at it yesterday morning got most of the accumulation. The rest that we got after that was mostly powder and blew around. We have empty spots on the driveway along with weird little drifts too. The front yard looks like a scene from March of the Penguins. I dug this big ditch in the snow (down to the grass) for the kids on Sunday and it's almost completely filled in now. Everything has this weird smooth, fondant look to it thanks to the wind. Thankfully most of the windows are clear again so we can actually see outside.

We haven't had a plow go by since yesterday but I think it's passable if you have 4 wheel drive since it's not as deep as it was over the weekend. We ended up getting over 10 inches but I have no idea how much since it's impossible to know when the snow blows as much as it did. Jason wants to dig the mailbox out which is something I started on Tuesday before the storm since our rude ass mailman won't deliver any mail if there's any snow near your mailbox. I know that the USPS has regulations but this guy holds them up to a T (and then some). My mom's mailman will deliver as long as he can get to it. We've always had a temperamental mailman - his name is Jack and we refer to him as Jack Attack. (Same guy who tried to tell us which side of the driveway to put our mailbox on when we moved in, gave out warning notices when a contractor would park in our mailbox's zone during the day when we aren't here, and told us that he thought our neighborhood should have done mass postboxes like the apartment communities near us.) Jerk.

As for me, I'm growing restless. Trying to keep the kids entertained and happy is wearing on me. Piper is tough to keep out of trouble when the other 2 are requiring more invasive activities. I tried playing Wii with them last night and they ended up fighting, being upset about how badly they were doing, and fighting with Piper when she kept trying to get on the balance board.

I'd like to take them sledding at a local high school but I don't know how possible that is.

Jason is home today (surprisingly) but given the side roads haven't been touched and most everyone else in his office is out, he's taking the day too. At least he's here for some adult interaction or I think I'd go crazy.

No idea yet if I'll have work tomorrow. Caroline is off and my ILs are already planning a trip down to get Jason's grandmother home, so if work is open I will go. We also have a date night planned on Saturday and I'm hoping the roads in Baltimore City are fairly clear so that doesn't turn into any problems. I'm really looking forward to a night out.

Did you hear their calling for a decent storm again on Monday? Say it ain't so!

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Katie said...

I'd stay close b/c it will be windy out there.
Ideas for at home? We're all out or all packed.
Sorting change was surprisingly fun for Emily during the december blizzard, but maybe that was just her.
We might break out the wii today too. Hair salon? Dance party? Jello? Swimming in the bathtub?