Thursday, February 11, 2010


Poor Caroline and Bryce, all week they have worked on Valentine's for their classmates. On Saturday morning, I went online and found coloring pages of characters they liked (Hello Kitty and Batman) and then saved the .jpg and turned them into little personalized Valentines from each of them. Caroline had to write her friend's name and her name and Bryce only had to write his name. They both colored their little hearts out, painstakingly did their writing, and Caroline slowly went through her checklist of her classmates. I was so proud. And then to find out no school on Friday (well, found that out yesterday) and to know they won't be sharing their Valentines until AFTER the big day. Kind of takes the bloom off the rose.

Although I know they have a secret Valentine stash in their rooms for Jay and I and that will probably take precedence over their classmates, so at least they have some "carding" to do with us. I had hoped to get some little Valentine treats for them already but alas, have either not been able to get out of the house or haven't been able to get out without them. Jason and I have a Valentine's Eve dinner date on Saturday and the kids are spending the night at my mom and dad's so I think we might have to do a mad dash on Sunday morning for a few little items for our sweeties. Especially since I know how excited they are to give us the goodies they have for us. There's nothing sweeter than seeing how excited your kids are to give you things they made or got for you. I love that most of all!


Katie said...

Both Emily's xmas party and vtines party were cancelled due to snow this year. :-((( And, her parent-teacher conference as well. (They decided to do written reports and hand them to parents instead.)

Anonymous said...

I know...I still have many cards and trinkets from you and your sibs. They're the bestest!!!