Monday, February 15, 2010


Jason and I had a lovely dinner on Saturday evening. We went to Cinghiale and it was wonderful! I was able to have 2 glasses of wine and not have a migraine! I think I figured out what might be the trigger - drinking anything (even a few sips) on an empty stomach. So I had a few pieces of the wonderful rustic bread and thanks to the wine serving taking a little longer than usual, I even had my first course - baby octopus over fingerling potatoes - first. And the wine? Went down perfectly!

My guess is that it has something to do with my blood sugar and the alcohol on an empty stomach going straight to my head. I have always noticed, ever since college, that if I hadn't eaten anything, that I could feel the first sip of alcohol go right to my head. Not a buzz, but I could feel it. (The buzz usually doesn't take much longer though.) So until this method proves me wrong, I will never drink another drop without having something in my stomach first. Hopefully that method will keep me migraine free!

As for the rest of the meal, I had gnocchi with Maine lobster for my 2nd course and a beef tenderloin with brussel sprouts for my main course. (They were prepared much differently than usual and with the most delicious flavorings/sauces.) For dessert, a wonderful chocolate tasting plate that started with a chocolate "salami." It wasn't real salami, but it looked like slices of it with almonds in it. But it was spicy thanks to chilies! And then 2 other decadent chocolate tastes. A very good meal and definitely a place I would love to go again!

So we came home to a quiet house with the kids at my parents and got to sleep in until a wonderful 8am. Then we got up, made the menu/grocery list and headed out for a Valentine's at Giant. The store wasn't too crowded and we finished our bi-weekly run in less than an hour. Not bad! Picked the kids up by noon and headed home for the rest of the day where we spent much of it watching the Olympics.

I always get so enthralled with the Olympics every 2 years and it's hard not to want to watch it all. However, with it being in Vancouver, the prime time stuff is on pretty late for this working girl. I couldn't keep my eyes open last night to finish the pairs skating short program finish. Probably won't make it through the long program tonight either.

However, my newest love this year is speed skating, particularly short track. I've always enjoyed it but just taken a new liking to it. I love how smooth and coordinated it is. How cut throat but civilized it is. If anyone saw the race with Apollo Ono winning silver, you know what I'm talking about. Just beautiful and so exciting!

So now off to catch up on the Olympics - I think snowboarding is on which is so fun because it looks like they are all flying. Oh and I loved the moguls the other night too - having skiied a lot as a teenager, I know how hard it is and how easy they make it look.

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