Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Eve....Again

Well, now the forecast is saying 16 to 20 inches starting tomorrow evening and all day Wednesday and that Wednesday will be another certified blizzard. Joy.

Thankfully today, my mom came over in her SUV, picked me and my babies up and took us out to the mall. We weren't there long - just long enough for them to milk her for a Valentine's gift, Easter finery, and lunch. (Thank you, mom, it was good medicine for all of us!) My brother and his wife, both public school teachers, joined us which was a nice surprise too. (Jason went to work, as expected, although he did ponder it longer than I would have expected.)

I was surprised how bad some of the streets were. And NOT side streets, main roads leading to schools and stores. Strangely, most neighborhoods were in better shape than the main roads. Still, "better shape" means one narrow snow free path, but it's better than chunky ice and slush like we found on some fairly well traveled local roads.

The mall was well dug out though and I was surprised how many people were at the mall, although it was far from crowded. My mom suggested we go into The Disney Store and the kids each picked out a Valentine's prezzie. The stuffed animals were buy one, get one, so after Bryce got attached to Doug the Dog from UP, I showed Piper a few cute ones I thought she would like. She did her cat sound upon showing her the kitty from Aristocats and then her doggie pant when I showed her Penny from 101 Dalmatians. I thought for sure she would want the cat but when I held them side by side, she grabbed for that puppy so fast, I knew she had made up her mind. In fact, she didn't want to give it to the cashier at checkout and she hugged it tight pretty much the rest of the trip. Except to maybe goof off a bit at lunch.

Caroline knew she didn't need another stuffed animal, although I could see how tempting it was for her. (The girl has more stuffed animals than I've ever seen and she is so attached to so many of them, yet she doesn't play with most of them on a regular basis.) I didn't even have to say anything to her, she automatically said, "I think I have enough." I felt kind of sad that she said that, but she's right, she does have too many. So instead, she picked out a little figurine action figure set from The Princess and the Frog. I think she would have liked a Princess Tiana Barbie type doll, but they didn't have any of just Tiana by herself and only with her Prince which made it quite expensive. But she was very happy with the set and played with it all afternoon and evening. I'm hoping for some more playtime with it tomorrow!

Then this evening I was presented with the conundrum of work. Work was opening but without classes and non-essential employees were free to take liberal leave which means we have to use our own time and not granted by the university. I hemmed and hawed about it and finally decided to just take the day. I didn't want my IL's to have to drive down here on the crappy roads and then home in potentially crappy weather. I didn't want to drive on the roads that would have refrozen if they had melted and on the roads that had been so poorly cleared. I sent an email to my supervisor to tell him and laughed when I got an auto email back in a few seconds saying he was taking off too. No more guilt for me!

So I'm not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow. I am debating a trip to Target. Although I am still a little wary of the roads. I will drive in the snow if needed but it's not my favorite thing. Plus, having a van which is a non-4 wheel drive vehicle makes me a little nervous, yet I saw plenty of little piece of crap cars out today that were just taking their time. We need some more dishwasher detergent and I wanted to pick a few little items up for the kids for Valentines, but then, that would mean going out without the kids and I don't think that is happening.

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Katie said...

You made the right choice to stay home. I am debating a lunch outing today.