Thursday, February 04, 2010

Snow Eve

So the Snowmageddon is coming tomorrow. Or Snowpocalypse. You choose the moniker - it's all the same. I know I will obviously have to go to work tomorrow and see what the day brings. So far C's school system is opening and no announced early closing like some other counties are doing. I know they are trying to get the day in so they don't have to use another snow day, although I'm impressed that they have only used 2. They used to close at a flake's notice, but I think they are doing a better job with it, who wants to be in school till July?

Overall, I'm not too worried. Jay got groceries after work and everything else is ready. We'll watch movies, play, play some Wii, go out in the snow, make cookies, count things by the 100's (for Caroline's impending 100 day celebration), do some crafts, and just hang. I need to clean all 3 bathrooms and I'm sure the kids will help with that too. It's just funny how different a snow day with 3 little kids is compared to the snow days of my early married days. We can watch a movie but only PG rated movies and generally with plenty of interruptions. No napping is allowed because, well, kids don't like to nap so if they aren't sleeping YOU aren't sleeping.

Jason has already said he would go out in the snow with the kids and honestly, I don't mind going out either but based on how low Piper's tolerance was for it last time, I don't know if I'll bother dragging her out in it. Although if if the snow makes snowmen pretty well, I want to be out there helping. The kids have been having snowman dreams for a long time and we've had lousy snowman making snow to date. I think Wednesday's snow would have been good but since they had school, the timing didn't work out and it melted pretty fast too. Usually when we get dumped on like this though, it's all the powdery stuff so I don't have a lot of hope.

We were supposed to go to a farewell party on Saturday afternoon down in Columbia that probably isn't happening now. Good thing we didn't tell the kids because they would be so disappointed not to see their friends. I'm a little sad too but at least we got to see a lot of the same people at my brother's surprise party a few weeks ago.

Oh and I'm a little bummed we live in such a flat area and don't have any hills. That was the best at my mom's because she has a great hill on the side of her house. Living so close to the water, it's flatville around here.

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