Friday, February 26, 2010

Separated at Birth?

My mother in law had a JCPenney circular back in the fall that had a little girl in it that looked a LOT like Caroline.  We all laughed about how much it looked like her and how kind of eerie it was.  For some reason, no one took it home with them.  But today, my MIL had another one and this one looked even MORE like Caroline than the other one had.  In fact, when I saw it sitting on the counter and my eyes glanced over it, my eyes were instantly drawn to what looked like my beautiful first born.  The little girl looks to be about 3 years old and she is making a face that Caroline made all the time at that age.  So I made sure to scan it this time and then I tried to find a similar photo of Caroline around the same age.  Not the same expression but it certainly shows the resemblance.
 I should call JCP and ask how they got permission to photograph my child.  I wonder what this child will look like as she gets older and if she and Caroline will ever cross paths, you know kind of like in The Parent Trap.  Maybe in college someday they will be randomly assigned roommates.

So, what do you think?

Oh and bonus points if you know where this photograph of Caroline was taken!


Katie said...

Oh yeah, looks just like C! Maybe she should get into catalogue modeling too!!

I think everyone has a "twin" out there somewhere. When we went to Disney I sat next to a little girl that looked just like my niece Colleen. JUST like her! I couldn't stop staring!! I thought it was strange that her parents looked nothing like my sister or BIL.

Lisa :) said...

Oh man! That looks exactly like Caroline.

Here is my guess on where the picture was taken...on the steps! LOL I have no clue ;-(

Heather said...

OMG! Seriously, they are twins! Are you sure you didn't have twins?!?!

Oh, and my guess is McKeldin Library!

BJ said...

That does look a lot like her!

Erika said...

Close - steps of Key Hall at UM!

Heather said...

Key Hall? C'mon, how random is that?!?!?