Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say It Ain't Snow!

So today on FB, I get an all CAPS message from my friends at Foots Forecast about a snow storm on Thursday. (This is the same forecaster that was dead on with all of the last 3 snowstorms.) I instantly got nauseous. Seriously, more snow??? Ugh. I was just starting to see grass again and the snow was receding. Granted the mountain of snow out front isn't going anywhere, but I'll take my grass patches where I can get them. Plus, the weather this past weekend was so mild and Caroline and I decided we could smell spring in the air. So I did some hunting and found this map similar to what we had before Snowzilla few weeks ago.

The good news is right now Baltimore is only in the "significant snowfall" area which they are saying maybe around 8-10 inches. But then right above us you see that nasty word 'paralyzing' again. The thing that worries me about it is where that low pressure system is projected to be sitting. (Yes, I'm a weather geek.) That's a projection and if that low sits just a little lower (ha ha), we'll be in that UGLY patch above us. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Plus, when they are snurricanes, the low pressure sits on the ocean and makes the system spin and draw moisture in and keep pounding us. Not that I want to wish any debilitating snow on anyone, but please, can it NOT be on us this time?? Looks like DC isn't going to get it too bad this time - at least at the time of this forecast.

This crazy winter makes me wonder what we're in store for this summer. We've had relatively quiet hurricane seasons in the past few years so we're due for another bad one. I'd be worried if I lived on the Gulf Coast.

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Heather said...

Looks like I am in the paralyzing zone. UGH. C'mon spring, c'mon!