Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Lizzie

On Saturday morning we saw that a tree in the woods behind us broke off 3 of it's branches because of the weight of the snow and landed on Lizzie. Who is Lizzie? Well, she's a tree at the edge of the woods that Caroline took a liking to a few years ago and named, "Lizzie." I have no idea why, but it's funny because that is how we refer to her. In fact, we refer to her by name all the time without even thinking about it. She's got a bird feeder hanging from her lower limb and 2 little bird houses that the kids made. So you can imagine we were a little concerned by the tree throwing it's 3 limbs right onto Lizzie. And because of the depth of the snow, it's really not worth it to go back there and try to free her.

In this photo you can see Lizzie right in the middle of this photo flanked by pine branches. I'm not exactly sure what kind of tree Lizzie is - I really should look into it. But I think she's definitely sustained a bit of damage from those limbs because they were quite sizable. It's anyone's guess how long it will be before we can back there to free her.

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