Thursday, February 11, 2010

Piper Has a Secret

This evening at dinner, we started playing the alphabet game where the kids pick a letter and we think of all the words we can that start with that letter. It starts out pretty productive and ends up getting kind of silly. For some reason, as we got deep into "Z," Caroline would get out of her chair and come down to my seat to whisper in my ear an idea for a "z" word. No idea why, maybe she didn't want to be wrong in front of her family????

Anyway, after seeing this a few times, Piper picked up on it and started motioning and making a whisper sound. Right away I knew, she wanted to tell me a secret too! So I leaned in and she whispered a whisper only an 18 month old that doesn't talk could whisper. It was just a cute little raspy, puffy air whisper, that was absolutely adorable. And then she had to keep doing it.

And when she got down from the table after dinner, she kept running up to me, patting me on the leg and smiling up at me waiting for me to lean down to hear another "secret." This went on for a bit and never seemed to lose its charm on me. Nothing like baby secrets.

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