Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Paralyzing" Storm?

Geez, the local weather guy on the Baltimore Sun just posted this:

Estimates of 16-24 Inches

If you look at the map, shows us in the "paralyzing" zone. Good heavens. And, gulp, he mentions another storm on Tuesday.

This weekend would have been our grocery weekend so Jason and I did the menu/grocery list last night and he is going directly to the store this afternoon when he gets off at 3:30. It will probably be a little nutty. But we are running out of food.

And while the kids are pretty much over this weird "mini-flu," Jason and I both have tickles in our throats and today I feel this weird pain in my chest every so often which I hope is NOT the congestion settling in that they all 3 had. Vitamin D, do your thing. I cannot be sick and feverish cooped up with the kids all weekend. At least this weekend I will NOT be having any beer or wine to send me into a migraine tailspin. I've learned my lesson there.

So.....let it snow????

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Katie said...

Better not snow NEXT weekend!!! I'm just glad we still live next to the grocery store this weekend.