Sunday, February 07, 2010


Well, the grand total for us was 30 inches yesterday, it stopped just after I took the photo below. Interesting now, the yard stick on our deck says 26" so clearly it's packed down and melted just a little bit. We had one plowing for a narrow path down our street and Jason got the driveway completely dug out to the street. Jason's cousin was out in the area this morning and said the main roads were still pretty bad, so we're staying in. No need to go out and get stuck in it.

The kids and I made cookies this morning for Caroline's supposed Valentine's party at school on Friday. We'll see if her county opens up at all this week. They still have 5 snow days left to use so I'm not terribly worried. Granted the winter is far from over but at least we're not out of days already like some other counties.

The interior of our house is a WRECK. Most of it kid junk. They've been doing a LOT of drawing/coloring and I swear there are pieces of paper on everything along with random crayons, marker, pencils EVERYWHERE. The more I pick up, the more I find.

Once I put Piper down for her nap later, we'll let the kids go back outside for more fun in the snow. I hope to get out this time too. Piper could go out, but really, does she really NEED to at this point? If she wakes up and they are still out, I'll let her go out. I realized too, we don't have any sleds (to sled on our mountains of driveway snow) so I feel a little bad about that. Maybe we'll have to improvise.

Right now C and B are in the fold up tunnel draped with blankets and pretending they are bears in a cave playing with their Leapsters. I took some photos but I haven't loaded them up yet.

So the big question now is whether I will be off tomorrow or not. I have a feeling at least one day given how much plowing has to happen to open campus (parking lots and walk ways have to be clear). Jason will inevitably go to work tomorrow since he almost never takes a snow day. I think he only took 1 day in 2003 and that was only because we couldn't get his car out the first day after the storm. So I guess really, this has just been a "normal" weekend for him with extreme amounts of shoveling. He's already doing laundry and vacuuming as he usually does on Sundays. Moss does not grow under that man's feet.

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