Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Snow Pic

I would take a pic of the yard stick but there's no yard stick to show you. It's completely gone. From the additional accumulation to the snow drifts, the 36 inches are completely covered. Plus, the snow has drifted in front of the door so you can't open it and with all the blowing snow, the glass is mostly covered in snow, so you can't see out of the door or many of our windows. Kind of annoying! My OCD wants to reach out and clean them off!!

We're a bit stir crazy in here. Played school with the kids all morning. I was Ms. Pepperpot and Piper was my baby that had to come to school with me. Piper Pepperpot (say that 5 times fast) had some problems and had to spend some time in the "focus room" when she was being quite naughty. My students, Caroline and Bryce, were stellar. They did a lot of age appropriate worksheets and really got into school. Piper could not be entertained longer than about 2 minutes so it was a bit frustrating.

Kids watched some movies, played Play Doh, and then some Wii after dinner. I made a delicious new meatloaf that even my semi-vegetarian son ate (and liked!). Now the kids are in bed but the older two are having a hard time settling down. I'm off tomorrow and Jason has pretty much decided to stay home too since it will still be a state of emergency for the better part of the day.

He shoveled twice this morning and got the bulk of it up, but this afternoon when the wind set in we let it go. It won't be anything like it would have been had he not shoveled and now it's all in drifts out there since it's pretty powdery stuff. The kids are ready to get out in it, so here's hoping it's not too windy tomorrow.

Oh and Caroline has off on Monday because of President's Day - could this week get any longer? I can't believe it's ONLY Wednesday. It feels like years since I went to work the last time.


Katie said...

i heard somewhere that some schools were taking presidents day back. don't know if they were private schools or if it was just a rumored "idea."
i wouldn't complain if they did that though

Anonymous said...

Queen Anne's county already took back the 15th and the 16th which was a professional study day BUT that was already done before this snow since they ran out of days

I don't think it would be fair to make kids plan on going to school on Monday since most people already have plans. I don't think they should take Spring Break days either since that's when a majority of teachers take vacations since most teachers have summer jobs to help make ends meet.

~ Viv

Erika said...

Technically, our school district isn't out of snow days until after tomorrow, so there would be no need to take Monday from them. (Plus, it would have had been approved by the State of Maryland first before all this.) I think QAC is the only one who is doing it.

They generally try to stay away from spring break for that reason of people with preplanned vacations and such. Maybe if we're lucky we won't have any more blizzards like this and the schools can continue to open, even late, for any other little storms.