Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Pants Sunday Morning

For some reason, the kids decided that the coffee table being pulled back meant that the family room was a play room today. C and B took their pants off because they were going to get hot running around and guess who took her pants off too. C and B rolled their sleeves up, guess who came running to me for help with pushing her sleeves up? They're still in there singing, running, and rolling around. Happy Sunday!


Viv said...

At least they are wearing tops! My girls run around in underwear ALL the time! It drives me crazy to get them dressed in the morning just to have them "naked" by 8:30 am! Makes double the work and I have to keep the house warmer than I'd like to keep tham from freezing BUT they have a ball so I let them go on days we can just stay at home!

Bracken said...

They definitely look like they are having a ball!!