Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Hang Out Zone

The kids have claimed another area of the house for their personal hanging out - our bedroom.  sigh  Generally they have never messed with our room too much because there wasn't anything to do in there.  And while they all 3 have enjoyed grabbing the remote off our headboard and playing with it since they were babies, they would only do it when they would climb up into bed with us.  But now, they have figured out how to use the remote in our room and know specific channels they like to watch.  Their favorite?  Channel 44 which is Nickelodeon.  Not my favorite AT ALL.  In fact, for the most part, I despise Nickelodeon.  Two reasons, ICarly and Sponge Bob.  Ick.  ICarly isn't a terrible show but Caroline has seen a few episodes of it and liked it but I think it's too grown up for her.  Plus, it's on Nick a lot!  But even more detested than ICarly is Sponge Bob.  Ugh, I hate that show.  It is obnoxious, loud, and annoying.  Did I mention obnoxious?  When it is on, I am instantly in a bad mood and want nothing more than to turn it off.  I don't know why the kids think it's so funny because it most definitely IS NOT.

I also hate all the commercials on Nickelodeon.  A constant barrage of suggestive advertising aimed at making my kids think they need EVERYTHING they see.  Another reason to limit good old Nick - even though I did watch a decent amount of that station when I was a kid too. (Um, You Can't Do That on Television anyone???)

Generally, I prefer the programming on Disney, Nick Jr (formerly Noggin), and PBS.  I'll take Hannah Montana/Jonas any day over ICarly/SpongeBob.  Caroline doesn't even watch either Hannah or Jonas that much anymore and their storylines are less sophisticated than ICarly's even though I'm not in love with either of them either.  I realize that I can't expect them to watch the G rated channels forever, especially when Caroline tells me "all" the kids in her class watch Sponge Bob and ICarly.  But she's still only 6 and in kindergarten so I still can put the kibosh on it.

The other issue with them hanging out and channel surfing is that the TV in our bedroom is pretty old and isn't fitted with the good old V chip that would enable me to block any innapropriate channels.  Granted we don't get any premium channels on that TV, but still a few minutes watching E! might not be the best thing.  Last night Caroline was flipping channels while Jason and I were sitting there and she paused on a ghost hunter show which I made her change quickly and then on some nature man show were we watched a guy pick up a water snake, pull off its head and promptly take a big bite out of it (for real!).  I think that thoroughly grossed her out and she flipped it back to good old safe, 43 (Disney).  I don't worry about the TV downstairs where we do get HBO/Showtime because the remote is still pretty complicated to them and we are generally right there when it's on.  Plus, when the time comes we'll block anything we don't want them to watch.

I had to laugh this morning when she was flipping and turned on 44 expecting to see SpongeBob and instead found Nick at Nite playing "Family Matters" complete with a Steve Urkel scene.  She was interested and I told her how my brother used to do a decent Urkel impression back in the old days.  (Kevin, be warned, this might be requested at our next get together.)  

Oh and I also don't like the TV watching in my bedroom because they all get up on my bed and that includes Piper who thinks it's more fun to roll around, run, and slide off the bed - definitely not safe.


Heather said...

I have not seen iCarly, but I know some 5th grade parents who refuse to let their kids watch I imagine it is not the best for a 6 year old. I'll have to check it out. Gretchen is in love with "Abby-dabby" [as she calls her] on Sesame Street.

Unknown said...

Oh, the joys of school. There they get to hear what everyone else gets to watch on tv and such. I was never a fan of Sponge Bob. When my guys were little and Megan was in kindergarten they used to always watch Little Bear. I loved Little Bear. I am out of touch as far as what is on the tv anymore for the younger kids.

Erika said...

Enjoy Abby-Cadabby while you can. It turns into ICarly and Hannah Montana when you least expect it.

Katie said...

Ugh. We only watch two channels right now (Disney/PBS). I will not be happy when Em is old enough to figure out other shows. ICarly & Spongebob sound annoying enough, just from your description!

Heather said...

Gretchen has never watched TV--she watches the 4-minute video clips of Sesame Street on the computer (no commercials!). I know I am in the minority with her not watching TV...but right now she is content without it, so I am not going to start it. I have enough battles with her at the moment.