Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kissy Bryce

I've always said that Bryce is my most affectionate and loving child, which is really saying something since all three are pretty affectionate. But Bryce, well, that kid takes it to a new level and I can't help but just soak it up most times. He always wants to snuggle and hug and kiss and tell you he loves you and that you're the best mommy/daddy in the whoooooooooooooooollllllllle world. So obviously, when I drop him off at school, we always give one another a big hug and kiss.

Well, today, I dropped him off and he ran into the classroom before I could tell him good bye. I was chatting with his teacher for a second about the weather in the foyer so as I was getting ready to leave, I stuck my head back in the door and told him good bye and blew him a kiss. There were already a few other kids there (all boys for some reason) and when I blew him a kiss, Bryce came running at me to give me a big hug and kiss, just like normal. Except after I did it, this little imp "Big" Dylan (he's soooo NOT big - he's just older than the other Dylan in the class!) says, "Kissy Bryce! Kissy Bryce!"

Little punk. I don't know how much Bryce heard him or if he was even aware of it or the implications of him saying it, but I certainly was. How dare he start making Bryce self conscious about hugging/kissing his mom!?!?! I think Big Dylan might have just turned 5, so he's not much older, but clearly he thought he needed to make a point of calling Bryce out. It just made me a little sad because while I know those days are coming when I can't hug or kiss my boy in public, I just don't want it to happen too soon. Especially when he's my huggy/kissy kid and there's nothing like a Bryce hug. I just adore that little boy and his affection is just a big part of him. Big D is NOT getting a valentine from Bryce next week. (And Bryce has mentioned before that he didn't really like Big Dylan, so I really shouldn't be surprised that he was acting like a punk this morning.)

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Heather said...

OH, that makes me sad. *sniffle* I bet Big D needs a hug and a kiss too--and is clearly jealous.