Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interesting Instructions

So it seems all the schools are gearing up to reopen tomorrow, finally! Bryce went back to school this morning but it's just a little preschool/daycare, so not such a big deal. Poor kid needed to get out of the house AND away from his increasingly bossy older sister. (Caroline was looking forward to a morning at home without him too.)

Anyway, while this isn't on our county school system's website, it was on another local county's website in regards to transportation/opening tomorrow. And apparently it's going to be "the word" across the region so parents, prepare yourselves:

Wherever possible transport your children to and from school. Many bus stops will be blocked by snow and in places across the county, children will need to walk in the roadway on part of their journey to school. Parents can help tremendously by providing transportation for their children (and their neighbors’ children) wherever possible.

So you're telling me they are discouraging kids from riding the bus??? (Granted, Caroline's school is an all "walking" school so this doesn't affect them in the same way.) But, the traffic this morning was MUCH worse than usual and that was without the school traffic. Mostly because lanes are still blocked and roads are so narrow - this should be fun tomorrow when there are buses on the road along with many extra parents driving their kids to school. Not that I'm not agreeing with the counties - I think this is a good recommendation because I know I wouldn't want my kid standing in a busy road because the bus stop is buried. But wow, this is going to be choas at the schools and on the roads.

At least I can see the weather is predicting above freezing temps for the next week along with NO SNOW! Let's hope all that crap starts melting. I still think there will be piles of snow on the ground in April.

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