Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here We Snow Again

Last night just as it started to snow, we had 22.5 inches on the deck. Down from 30 inches on Saturday as a result of some melting and the snow packing down. And here we are back up to almost 28 inches again.

When I went to bed last night the snow had basically stopped and we only had about 3 inches more. I was watching the radar and wondering how the forecast was going to come true. When Jason got up at 4am (thinking about going to work), nothing had fallen and he too was wondering what was going on. But, Mr. Foot set him straight. Not long after it started back up again and within the hour, it was blizzard conditions again.

So 6 more inches on the ground and Jason just went out to get ahead of the snow shoveling. I think we're going to trade shifts today to keep the piles at bay because shoveling a few inches a few times is better than shoveling over a foot later on. So far we've already had a plow go through twice and a salt truck. Heck, the newspaper was even delivered this morning much to Jason's WSJ delight.

Oh and yes, Jason is staying home. As I think most people in Baltimore are today. It seems pretty obvious that Caroline will be off the rest of the week as a bunch of the other school systems have already announced they are closed the rest of the week. The funny thing is that they would normally reopen on Monday but Monday is President's Day and she'll be off.

This reminds me of Energy Conservation Week of my youth. Back in those days, our school system closed for a week in February every year (instead of Spring Break) to conserve energy. Apparently they chose the week that was typically the coldest/snowiest. It was usually right around President's Day and Valentine's Day. They phased it out when we were in middle school and replaced it with Spring Break since often that week ended up NOT being that cold or snowy.

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Anonymous said...

I was just explaining to J what Energy Conservation week was since he went to Our Lady Queen of Peace, he had no idea what I was talking about! Thank you for giving me the proof I need to show him I'm not crazy and making it up (I tried to find something online about it but found nothing!) TY E!

~ V