Sunday, February 28, 2010


Somehow, Caroline's continued good behavior in school landed us with this:

A few weeks (months?) ago, Caroline's class did a unit on learning about the parts of a story (characters, setting, etc) and they did a big project where they all had their own drawings of the different parts of the story along with BIG characters they made in groups together. Caroline worked with 4 other girls on Goldi. A few days ago, the individual worksheet came home but then on Friday, Goldi came home too.

I asked how Caroline came to be the owner of Goldi instead of one of the other girls and apparently because Caroline has been so well behaved, the teacher rewarded her with getting to take Goldi home. Maybe it should have been awarded to the worst behaved kid because now that we have it hanging up, Jason and I keep doing double takes thinking it's a person standing in the playroom and it kind if scares you.

Bryce has already smelled it and decided they have the same paint at his school.  (Why does that boy smell everything?)  So for now, Goldi is hanging out (literally) in the playroom until the next colossal creation comes home.  (It has replaced the giant Hannah/JoBros collage that used to hang there.)


Viv said...

Wait Goldi has brown hair, ar eyou sure this isn't Little Red Riding Hood? ;)

Cute but I'd be kinda freaked too - luckily my art wall is in a place of our the kids playroom where artwork won't scare you in the dark (we have a very large stuffed 3D fish that Makenzie made that would have the same effect as Goldi :)

Unknown said...

That is so funny! As soon as I saw this post and saw the picture and could tell that it was painted I thought about the smell as well. I always used to help out in Pre-K and K and loved the smell of the paint. I love when the kids would bring home their artwork. Something about that paint smell. I also love the smell of Playdoh! Silly, I know. This post actually took me back to when my kids were little and I thank you for that! Hey, at least it is Goldie that comes home with Caroline and not a hamster or whatever kids used to be able to bring home in the day.