Saturday, February 20, 2010


We're getting close to when we'll wean Piper off of her pacifier, but for right now she's only allowed to have it when she's taking a nap or going to bed at night. Usually after you get her up in the morning, she will voluntarily drop her pacifier into the crib after you change her diaper. Sometimes she won't, but she's not allowed out of the room with it. The only problem, her siblings, especially Caroline, thinks it's funny to give Piper her pacifier at other times. This morning the three of them were playing happily in Caroline's room and when I called up to see how they were doing, Piper comes out with 2 pacifiers in her mouth.

I joked that we needed to send her to paci rehab but wanted to know how she had gotten them (knowing pretty well how). First Caroline told me Piper had gotten them herself but when I called "liar lips," she confessed to helping her reach them. (More on liar lips later.) Again I reiterated that Piper is not to have them when she's not sleeping and not to help her, no matter how much Piper wants one.

I'm not sure when we'll go cold turkey on the paci although I want it gone by the time she is 2, so that is rapidly approaching. I know Bryce still used his at night when he was 20 months old, but then I also don't think Bryce was quite as addicted to his paci as Piper is to her's. I don't remember him asking for it during the day like Piper does (she has a sign for it), and I don't remember him trying to get it out of the crib like she does. I'm afraid we're in for quite a battle when the time comes.


Unknown said...

Ben gave his up around his FOURTH BIRTHDAY. Gah! Simon, thankfully, never took one. (I tried though, because apparently I am a glutton for punishment) I'm hoping this next baby doesn't want it either, because it really made life easier!!!

Heather said...

I weaned Gretchen from hers at 13 mos. It took a week....she only ever used it at bedtime, so it was just a week of her getting used to sleeping without it...and, well, that's how she fell in love with Bunny!

Bracken said...

At least it is a pacifier and not a thumb. We are battling then thumb sucking and not sure how we are going to resolve this without getting rid of Teddy and well that would not only break Sydney's heart but break mine as well.

Erika said...

We're dealing with Caroline and the thumb too. ;)

Bryce gave up his paci cold turkey and hardly had any issues. Seriously I think one night was it. So clearly, I was lucky.

Anonymous said...

Ehhh, let her have it until whenever. She's your baby, right? Indulge her. ;-))))

Age 2 is still awhile away for Pipes anyways. Emily kept hers for naps until around 2, I think. Maybe it was 2 1/2. She didn't care when we took it away. Lucy dropped her paci when her first teeth appeared before age 1. I tried to force her to take it, but her she wouldn't have it. Funny how kids are so different.

P.S. LOL @ Liar lips. He heh.