Thursday, February 11, 2010


So Jason was going out to shovel and the kids wanted to go out, frankly, so did I. The sun is shining, it's not terribly cold, and I just needed some fresh air. I got Bryce all bundled up complete with taping his pants down, his mittens closed, and all the other accessories on. Then Caroline - same deal except since she doesn't have snow mittens I've been doing this thing with plastic bags over her mittens with more tape to keep her hands dry. Then, finally, Piper, which included dressing her for the day too. This took me about 30 minutes. I put Piper down and tell Jason I'm coming right back out as soon as I get bundled up since he's shoveling. I get into my snowsuit as fast as I can, put the camera by the door and go out. Piper is having fun walking around the driveway playing with the snow and the 2 older kids are doing their usual snow thing. I managed to build a small snowman but just as I was going to get the camera, Jason brings Piper up from the bottom of the driveway with a sopping wet, dripping Piper. She fell face first (literally), into a puddle. She was so wet, down to her skin. (Her snowsuit isn't waterproof - I've never had a waterproof snowsuit for a baby since I've never needed one.) So I stripped her down, pulled the pack and play in front of a window so that I could go back outside for a minute just to take a few photos.

I barely take 10 photos and I hear crying. Bryce, who had been standing in front of the window looking at Piper, fell and scratched his face up on either the snow or the porch - I'm not sure which. He's done and wants to stay inside. So, I take him in, strip him down and then get out of my snow gear.

Grand total time spent outside for me? 15 minutes. Time spent getting them ready, at least 45. WTH? I guess it wouldn't take me so long to get them ready to go out if I didn't spend so much time making sure their wrists and legs didn't get wet. If I just threw their clothes on them and sent them out, it would be faster but then they'd be wet and colder faster and come in faster. Clearly, it didn't matter this time.

Caroline stayed out for about 15 more minutes before she got bored and came in. Now Bryce is whining again about being hungry, Piper is into everything, and I'm stuck inside with them again. I just wanted to go out. Is that so much to ask? Now it's time to feed the masses and then clean up while they inevitably get into something else and start fighting. Thank goodness nap time for Piper is almost here.

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