Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Day After Snowzilla

Good heavens that was a bright, shiny morning!!!! All the snow and bright sun made for quite a bright start. Jason got right to finishing the driveway after breakfast and I stayed in with the crazies, I mean kids, and made cookies.

Caroline and Bryce made themselves a bear cave that they stayed in most of the morning. Caroline even took a nap in there after we came in from the snow:

Then, after lunch, I put Piper down for her nap and took Caroline and Bryce outside to play in our winter wonderland front yard.

That pile of snow is over 6 feet tall and VERY compacted - it will probably be there until sometime in May. It's a good bit of the snow from the driveway and I think it's so tall because Jason is so tall. The kids and I had a ball jumping and sliding off of it.

Since Jason had already finished, we watched a lot of our neighbors just getting started on their snow removal. The older couple next door have a snowblower and it showed that this amount of snow is almost too much for a standard blower. They were almost working as hard as the people shoveling. Jason was almost done shoveling and our neighbor from across the street came over and helped him finish up and then he continued down the street helping a few more people. Tonight after we put the kids to bed, I noticed that our path to the street was no longer clear since the stupid plow had come through again and knocked a bunch of snow back. Some people haven't even seen the plow and it came through our neighborhood again when we didn't even need it! My parents came over later in the afternoon and said that our neighborhood has clearer streets than a lot of the main roads! Heck, we're down to the asphalt and it's even dry in places.

It felt so good to be out in that beautiful sunshine today. It was just around freezing but it felt much warmer in the sun. I think it did my spirit good to be out in it and to laugh as much as I did rolling around in the snow with the kids.

So the kids are off tomorrow and so am I. The big question will be if Jason goes to work or not. We're hearing reports about how bad some major arteries in the Baltimore area still are so I'm not sure what he's going to do. Usually I would expect him to go but this evening he said he wasn't quite sure and that's shocking in itself that he's even considering not going. I think most of Baltimore will not be working tomorrow so he would definitely be in the minority. As for the kids and I, I think we have plans to do something with my mom that probably will involve getting out of the house for a while. Maybe even going to her house to sled? More sunshine time amidst this gray winter we're having is definitely helpful.


Anonymous said...

You may have someone in your neighborhood that "needed to get out" or is a person of high power (that's how it was when we lived in Perry Hall, we always saw a plow really early one everytime, kinda nice actually!)

And I know our parents street got plowed when it did because my Dad HAD to get to work (he is very essential and works for the State of MD and needed to get in) he called Sunday morning at 4:30 and about 45 mins later around 5:15 there was a plow hitting the court. Too bad for him the city streets were HORRIBLE!

~ Viv

Erika said...

Very good possibility - we have 2 county cops on our street and the one was trying VERY hard to get out on his own Saturday morning to no avail. He dug his truck out but without a plowed street wasn't going anywhere. And then, a few hours later the plow showed up - we got plowed on Saturday afternoon right as the sun came out - clearly something was working in our favor.