Saturday, February 13, 2010


My jaw hurts and I have a headache. Telltale signs that I've been clenching my jaw while sleeping. Generally, I only do this when stressed. I did it a LOT in graduate school, I did it at the end of all 3 of my pregnancies, and I've done it here and there at other times in my adult life. Funny thing is, I didn't do it all in January when I was probably feeling the most stressed as I had in a while. So I've been off for over a week now, and I'm feeling the jaw pain. Clearly, being off and snowbound with my children has not been joyous if I'm clenching in my sleep.

I won't say it's been terrible. We've actually had a lot of good laughs and moments, but it's just been generally stressful for me keeping them entertained, out of trouble, and from fighting. The fighting and Piper's tantrums really are the most frustrating part. All of this confirms how I am certainly NOT cut out to be a stay at home mother. Not like I didn't know it, but this is my ultimate sign. Good heavens, I hope I don't get laid off.

This morning I did get to go to Target without any children, which was nice, but the second I got home, Jason was in the midst of vacuuming (which puts my already shot nerves on an even higher edge) and as soon as the kids saw me they started with the complaining about the other and Piper whining to be held. I was thrilled when Caroline and Bryce admitted to being tired and wanting to take naps so they could have energy for being at my mom's tonight. So, it's quiet now and I'm about to join Jason to watch the Terps vs. DOOK game.

Tonight, we are going out for Valentine's Day to Cinghiale. It's the last Tony Foreman/Cindy Wolfe place that we haven't visited (and want to go to). It's known very well for its wines which has me worried since I haven't had a thing to drink since I had my last migraine a few weeks ago. Granted, that one was brought on by beer (a beer I've had oodles of times), but I've had two wine migraines and so I'm nervous. Part of me wonders how much the correlation is between "drinking" on an empty stomach since all 3 times, I remember I was having my first few sips of wine/beer before having anything to eat. I truly love a nice glass of wine with an exquisite meal so I really don't want to miss out. So my plan is to stick with a white variety I'm familiar with and not have a sip until I've had some bread or something to prime my stomach. If I make it through the first glass, I'm okay.

Fingers crossed we don't end up leaving before the first course.

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