Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bowl Pushing

Piper has this annoying little habit that when she decides she's done eating, she says "Dahn!" and pushes her bowl or plate away from her. Then she usually will try and push herself away from the table. Then she will rip her bib off and usually, she will get distracted, pull her plate back to her and then start eating again. I call it her "bib free course." Drives me buggy though. Especially when she tries to push herself back from the table and almost upsets the chair she is in. We went through something similar with both Bryce and Caroline, so I'm not surprised. We've found that she's likely to keep eating and suspend her "doneness" if we all stay at the table and the other two kids don't clear their place as soon as they are done - which they often will do. It's like she sees someone else is done and she is done too.

Well, last night we were all sitting and eating - Piper was even on her second helping of ziti. We were having a nice dinner conversation about school and nature and the universe, etc and all of a sudden we hear, "DAHN!" and WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Piper's shoves her bowl across the table so fast it just misses knocking over Bryce's cup on the other side.

I don't know if it was the visual or the speed at which she did it, but something about it caught Jason as really funny and he had to bow his head so she wouldn't see him laughing hysterically at her. Like I said, she does the bowl pushing all the time, but it was with new vigor last night and very decisive, almost like passing a hockey puck. I don't think Caroline or Bryce really saw it so they didn't quite get what Jason was laughing at. The problem is when Jason laughs so uncontrollably like that is that I start laughing too. I don't know what it is, but if something catches him as really funny, his laughter is infectious.

So he finally calmed down and dinner continued as usual. Piper went back for more milk and more bites of her dinner as usual. I wish those suction cups on toddler plates/bowls actually worked - they would come in handy for Miss P.

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