Monday, February 01, 2010

2 More Fevers

Bryce woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning with a fever which came back again on our drive home yesterday. And then Piper followed up with a fever around 3am this morning. I took her into the bathroom and gave her little cups of water to drink before giving her medicine. Even at 3am with a fever she was funny. She was so happy to hold her own little cup and kept doing the sign for more when she'd finish the small amount I'd give her. And if I didn't get it fast enough, she'd turn it over and dump it on the floor. Nice! But she went settled down easily and then I went in to check on Bryce having a feeling he'd be feverish again, and sure enough his little head was blazing. He was so precious when I woke him up to give him medicine, it kind of made the sleep interruption worth it. Thankfully, both Bryce and Piper went right back to sleep and slept in this morning which I think their little bodies needed. Both have a nasty cough and some congestion that I'm calling the "mini-flu." It's more than a cold since it involves a fever, but less than the real flu since the fever isn't long lasting and you don't get the terrible congestion and body aches. (And it's exactly what Caroline had last week.) They all 3 had the seasonal flu vaccine but Piper never had the H1N1.

Caroline still has a little bit of a cough left, but nothing like it was so I'm guessing just a few more days and Bryce and Piper will be on the mend.

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