Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 Funny Bryceisms

Jason was driving the kids over to my mom's the other night and from the backseat, Bryce wanted Jason to look at something he had drawn on his little magnetic board we keep in the car. Jason said, "Bryce, I am driving and I need to keep my eyes on the road. You don't want me to crash, do you?"

"But Daddy, you have 2 eyes."

Then tonight Bryce and I were poring over his latest interest - Where's Waldo? books! He even turned down a bedtime story to look for Waldo longer. As we were finishing up, he says, "Mommy, what would be a good skipmark for my book?"

"A what?"

"You know, a skipmark so daddy knows where we start looking tomorrow night."

"Ohhhh, a BOOKmark!"

I think he was kind of going for "skidmark" and it came out skipmark. I'm glad there are no skidmarks in his book!!

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