Saturday, February 20, 2010

100 Days

Since the first day of school, Caroline and her class have been dutifully counting each school day so they can track to get to 100. 100 days was supposed to have been the middle of LAST week, but thanks to the snow, it wasn't until Friday of this week. And since the Valentine's Day party was snowed out, they combined the two events for one big celebration. Each child was assigned the task of bringing in a small snack that consisted of 100 pieces. Caroline's choice, of course, was Jelly Belly jelly beans. She loves those things and took great care to pick out the 100 that she wanted to share. She said it was quite a snack mix when they put it all together. Crackers, marshmallows, cereal, candy - yum. Or probably yuck!! But a snack a kindergartner would love!

The other optional activity was to wear something that represented 100 since the entire day revolved around 100 (you should see the cute activity book she brought home!). On Monday, my mom stopped at Target with the kids and found a shirt for 75 cents and a bunch of little doodads to stick to it. And by the time I got home from work the masterpiece was finished! Here is a photo my MIL took of her in her classroom that morning:

It was a very cute shirt although all of the stickers that weren't glued on fell off by the end of the day, but by that time, it really doesn't matter. My MIL sweetly agreed to just take the shirt with them to school and help Caroline put it on once they got it in the classroom to keep the 100-ness of it intact!

I think this 100 days thing must be a relatively new thing to get the kids into because we certainly didn't do anything with it when I was a kid. I'm not sure if other, older classes were doing anything either or if it was just a kindergarten thing. Either way, she had a great day and had been very excited about it all week. Thanks to my mom for working on the shirt with her and to my MIL who got her out the door that morning (no small feat that day) and in her shirt.


Erin said...

Ben's class made that snack mix too! He loved it!!! 100-day was DEFINITELY a huge hit over here!!!

They also had to make a project to represent 100 to be displayed in the hallway... I had all kinds of creative ideas, but the snow got in the way and killed our motivation. We ended up gluing 100 googly eyes into the number 100 on a piece of tag board. ;)

Mama said...

100th day celebrations have been going on at least for the 11 years I have been in public education. They usually don't celebrate past grade 3 (although, the teachers love that day because what it REALLY means is only 80 school days left!!!!! whoo hoo!).