Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Better Call Him "Bryce"

Every now and then, we'll joke around with Bryce and call him some other name. Not like a little cute nickname, but some other "real" name and he DOES NOT like it. He'll tell you in an angry voice, "My name is Bryce Mitchell ______." So the other day, he was being particularly whiny about something and Jason started calling him "Willy Whiner." Well, that was NOT what he wanted to hear. Every time Jason would call him that, he got angrier and angrier and would yell out his name louder and louder. It got to the point that it was kind of funny how he would go from a volume of 2 all the way up to a 15 in milliseconds, plus the intensity and conviction he used when saying it was quite amusing. "MY NAME IS BRYCE MITCHELL ______!!!!!!!" Then later on, I started joking with him and telling him that he had a secret middle name that he didn't know about - Monroe. (A name we used to tell people we were naming our baby boy as a joke before he was born.) "MY NAME IS BRYCE MITCHELL _____!!!!!"

Even last night, when we were being silly and I told him we could have named him Jason Thomas ______ Jr., (we never would have done that) he got a little perturbed and told him what his name really. So seriously, make sure you call him by his real name. He told me he likes it and that we are not to call him anything else. But I think "Brycey" is still okay, at least for now.

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