Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Up Her Sleeve?

One of Piper's new little funny things is she shoves things down the front of her shirt. Often she'll do it when she's alone in her crib, but not always. Often you'll go in after her nap or in the morning and she'll be pointing to a lump in the front of her clothes/PJs and saying "Dat! Dat!" She gets especially worried when it's her pacifier (2-3 months left before I will wean her of that!) though. But she thinks it's very funny to stuff her socks down in her shirt too. The other day she tried stuffing a dirty napkin at dinner down her shirt when she thought no one was watching. We were. And sometimes if someone is trying to get a small toy away from her she'll try to get it down there too, but often she's not fast enough or coordinated enough to get it down there before you can stop her.

That Piper, she's always got something up her sleeve.

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