Sunday, January 31, 2010

Visiting MeeMaw

As I've mentioned before, my paternal grandmother, MeeMaw, was hospitalized around Christmas with a MRSA infection and then just before discharge to a rehab facility a few weeks ago, she suffered a stroke that, thankfully, she has mostly recovered from. My mom (and/or dad) have been getting up to see her weekly (she lives over 90 minutes away) and after seeing her on Wednesday this week, my mom asked if we would want to make the trip to see her. Not that I haven't wanted to but I wasn't sure if a visit to the rehab place would be the best with the kids but my mom said we could all go out to lunch and the place that she's in is pretty nice and has a big open living room to hang out in.

We made it up in time for lunch at a local pizza place which MeeMaw really enjoyed. The kids were very well behaved in every respect (the rides up/back, the restaurant, rehab place) and MeeMaw was very happy for the company. She'll be off of her IV antibiotics in a few weeks and after that is scheduled to go home of course we're not sure what that means since she's still pretty weak and will need some help especially considering that she lives alone in a decent sized house. And now she's had 2 medical emergencies that could have ended very badly since she was alone both times but called 911 in time. So the next step is figuring out what is next for her since we want her to be safe, but also happy.

I wanted to get a good shot of the kids with her but Piper had other ideas and wouldn't let MeeMaw hold her (even though a little while later when we were leaving Piper gave her a running hug and kiss).

So we had Caroline hold Piper and things went a little better, although Piper just wanted to run around: (Piper and Caroline have been so cute together lately and you can see how much Piper wants to be just like Caroline and how much Caroline enjoys mothering Piper.)

And here's a shot of Caroline's hair that she probably did and redid about 3 times (once before we left he house, once in the car, and once in the restaurant). MeeMaw even kind of laughed about the 2nd hairdo and told her that it looked as bad as her's did. I don't think Caroline appreciated it because she considers her hairdos of late to be beautiful. Mostly they are just really busy with lots of things going on and lots of hair clips involved but to her, that's beauty.

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