Monday, January 04, 2010

Warm Weather Thoughts

Well, the holidays are behind us, we're back to work and school, so it's only fitting that we need something else fun to look forward to. Enter my mom and her annual search for our perfect Outer Banks vacation house! We searched and weighed and emailed and searched some more. We chatted with the people we're going with and figured out numbers - 15! (Although it looks like neither my sister or brother/SIL will be coming - booo! - we'll miss you!!) And we found it! It's booked!

Usually we stay south on the island in the Nags Head area but this year we are staying a little further north in Southern Shores which is still south of Duck and far south of Corolla so not really north. Just north of the mileposts, but not by much. It's a cute house with a private pool, elevator (sounds frivolous but in a beach house that is built "upside down" you REALLY need one with all the gear we bring), hot tub, pool table/game room, outdoor shower (!!!) and spacious beach house rooms. It's not oceanfront (who can afford that in a house that big?) but it's not too awfully far.

I'm very excited to say the least and so are the kids (and Jason). Bryce has started his beach talk up again which only died down a few months after we got home from the beach last year. He's already started making decisions on the order of our car caravan and who will sit where in the van.

We will be resuming our beach weeks with the M. family whom we haven't vacationed with in a few years. They were the staple of my youth and now that we're all grown up and have kids around the same age, it should be a lot of fun. The last time we vacationed together was 2006 and it was kind of a bad week because it was late in the season (mid-September) and the weather was unseasonably cool and windy. Plus, with kids aged 3, 2, 1, and 3 months, it was a bit crazy. This time we'll have a 7, 6, 5, 4, and 2 year old - so while still probably a little crazy, a little more manageable since the older 4 can entertain themselves pretty well - especially Caroline and Zoe who play really well together.

Twice in the past 3 years we've vacationed with my dad's extended family and while they were very good weeks, Jay and I talked about how nice it would be to have other parents of young children along. Caroline loves to swim in the pool and isn't a big beach fan so that means one parent stays back with her. Turns out, Zoe is a pool girl too and if that happens again this year, the parent staying behind will have a friend!

That's not to say I don't have my worries. I'm sure bedtime will be interesting since I think the girls will probably want to stay in the same room but I think they're not quite old enough for that yet on the long term since the sets of siblings have more similar sleep habits. Plus, there's the issue of Ms. Piper. I'd prefer if all 3 of my kids were in the same room and that Ms. P was NOT in our room again. She'll be 2 by then and 7 months is a lot to change a little girl (sniff) - Bryce and Caroline shared a room at the beach when he was 2.


Anonymous said...

Once we booked our summer beach vaca about a month ago, that's all Makenzie is talking about! We didn't even have a beach vaca this past summer due to moving into the new house, so for Kenzie to remember from a year a half ago is CRAZY! She keeps "packing for the beach" and keeps showing me her Jolly Roger token card (that still has some points on it) and tells me that we can't forget to back it cause it's her beach ride card. Funny how excited they get! But I get really excited too so I totally understand!

Glad you're is booked too! I have a feeling it's gonna be a long winter so it's nice to have a beach vaca to look forward too!

~ V

Anonymous said...

Can I come???? Sounds awesome. Katie