Saturday, January 02, 2010

Princess and the Frog

In an attempt to give the kids some kind of structure to their Saturday, I took them to the 9:50am showing of The Princess and the Frog. Caroline balked when I first suggested it - something about it being too loud and then that Bryce would have to go to the bathroom in the middle and make her miss part of the movie. But then I convinced her to go. However, she was doing her usual sloooooooowwwww primping and when I told her I was ready to go she stopped dead in her tracks and started screaming and saying she didn't have any time. Of course she had enough time to throw a fit - but I don't think she quite gets that. Had I not already purchased the tickets online, I would have just left her at home. But I wasn't wasting the money, so I strongly advised her to brush her teeth as fast as she could while Jason got Bryce strapped into the car. We were on the road and made it in time to watch most of the previews.

The movie was really cute. Caroline sat peacefully through the whole thing but Bryce was his usual squirrelly self. He first didn't want a booster, and then he did. Then he kept asking for my water bottle and then he sat in my lap and wiggled all around. Thankfully stadium seating always makes me feel better for the people behind us - but he really wasn't bad at all. Just wiggly Bryce. He didn't stand on his head, which he does at home while watching tv, so I guess that means it was a success. And when it was over they both declared they really liked it and Caroline said it was one of her favorites now.

Some people I had read said the shadowy figures were a bit scary but my kids, who tend to scare easy, didn't think it was too bad. Although we haven't had our first bedtime after seeing it yet. I think all the other stuff going on kept it fairly light and I really liked the message behind this one which is you can wish on a star but you can't expect to get what you want without working for it - definitely a message for current day audiences unlike a lot of old Disney movies.

I was also happy to see that Tiana (main character) had both parents unlike all other Disney movies, but then when they flash forward to "current" day, her dad was gone. Typical, Disney, typical. WTH? I'll NEVER understand this, but at least they didn't kill off the mom which is even MORE typical of the princess movies - that just bugs the crap out of me. I know there are a lot of families without one parent but are just about ALL Disney hero/heroines missing at least one parent? Even Nemo lost his mom tragically. Geez.

But all in all, very cute and very "old school" Disney in that it's hand drawn animation instead of the usual digital animation that we see most times today. And a decent soundtrack that the kids were already singing along to on the way home.

Now? Well, I think it's time to take down indoor Christmas. Sniff.

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