Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Pipster

Well, she's 18 months old and quite a little girl. I gave her her first pigtails this morning and was surprised by how much she let me mess with her hair. Caroline has always hated when I touch her hair and occasional pigtails or something are somewhat torturous. Plus, when I have to trim P's nails, she cannot sit still and tries like heck to get away. All I could do was giggle when I was done and Jason thought it was pretty adorable too. She kept them in until I took them out a few hours later when she'd been rolling around and they were starting to fall out.

Another funny Piper thing? Just ask her how she says "please" and this is what she will do:

Of course, she won't say anything, but she squishes her eyes up and makes this big toothy smile and just looks at you. I'd say it works pretty well since the right sentiment is clearly there. She thinks she's VERY funny.

As for the talking thing, well, we're moving slowly although sometimes Jason and I truly believe she's choosing NOT to talk. This evening I was holding her and she wanted a cup and I told her to say "please" fully expecting the "please face" but instead she uttered something that sounded VERY much like the word "please." Jason was right there and heard it too - of course we cheered for her and then wouldn't do it again. It's almost like she did it without thinking and revealed that she can talk. She did something similar recently to Jason as well although I wasn't there to hear that.

Piper has turned into even more of a huggie bear lately as well. When my mom or MIL arrive in the mornings, she wraps her little arms around their necks and just squeeze and squeezes. Needless to say we have 2 happy grandmothers after that treatment. And then with me, oh my, Piper cannot hug me enough. Much like Bryce and his random "I love you sooooooo much!" exclamations, Piper will randomly just run up to me and hug me with reckless abandon. And usually she has to be sure that her little chubby cheek is right on my cheek thereby intensifying an already wonderful hug. And she doesn't let go, she just keeps on hugging and hugging. Last night while I was sitting and playing Legos, she must have come up to me and hugged me at least 20 times.

It's not all fun and games with her though - or maybe to her it is. She's not into eating much at mealtime anymore. I know it's par for the course at this age but when Caroline and Bryce went through this they still would eat a really good breakfast so I wasn't as concerned. Piper kind of nibbles at every meal, declares herself done, and then waits for anyone to have something else to eat and then she's right there begging for it like a little dog. Tonight at dinner she didn't eat anything and wanted to throw her plate and cup on the floor (I stopped that) and then kept putting her feet on the table. After a few flicks to the offending foot, she stopped that but she refused to eat and kept doing "tricks" with her fork that was being laughed at by her older sibings, so she ended up in her "jail." (Pack n Play)

She's also quite addicted to her pacifier but she's only supposed to have it while sleeping. She's crafty though and will find a way to get it out of her crib and she'll come running with it. Often Caroline will give it to her and we've had a talk about that. I am starting to think about when to wean her off of it completely and might wait until all 4 of her first molars are in. I think we're down to our last one. Caroline is/was a thumbsucker so no weaning there and with Bryce, we took it away and it wasn't a big deal. He cried a little but that was it. I doubt I'll be so lucky with Piper.


toddler said...

LOL. We used to joke that Ben was a "closet talker". I'd hear him in his room over the monitor saying all kinds of things and then when it came to actually saying words in front of people? NADA. I remember once, hubby and I were changing his diaper (because when you have one child, it takes both parents to do these things.. LOL!) and we were giving him Tylenol for his teeth... he said "Medicine" clear as day even though he "didn't talk". Tom and I both looked at each other and said, "did you hear that?" Never got him him to say again until probably two years later. I think Piper's a closet talker. ;)

Erika said...

Hmmm, now that sounds very much like Piper! Jason swears the other day she said "I tooted" as she was climbing up in her chair because, well, she did. And like you said, it sounded VERY clear.

I think having my older two start talking before a year (a few words) and having an 18 month old that says less than they did at a year is frustrating but I promised my speech language pathology friends not to freak out until she's 2 and not saying anything.