Friday, January 22, 2010

Picker Upper

Clearly, picking up after yourself is genetic - at least in my family. I think it can be a learned skill, but based on what I'm seeing with my kids sometimes it's innate and other times it is not.

Take Caroline, the girl has a habit of leaving EVERYTHING laying around. She wears about 23 hair clips, bows, barrettes a day and they generally make their way out of her hair as the day goes on and she leaves a trail of them around the house. Shoes are left everywhere around the house and if they do make it to her room, they are all over the place in there. When she gets undressed, the clothes hit the floor and don't move at all from where she shed them. At dinner she never buses her place unless we ask. I feel like I nag her constantly because she it just never occurs to her.

But then you have Bryce. When he takes off his clothes, they immediately go to the hamper (or PJs are put on the bed). When he finishes eating, he buses his place so fast I barely even realize he did it. His only real issue are his shoes and socks which never stay on his feet long if he's in the house but if they make their way up to his room, you can bet they are in the right spot or at least his shoes are in a pile in the corner instead of strewn about. And most times, all I have to do is ask him and he will pick something up. However, when it comes to cleaning up the playroom, he's no better than Caroline so I can't say he's good at it all the time.

And now we have Piper, the kid loves to put things away. Sometimes it's to a fault because she'll put things away when you don't want them put away. Plus, she pulls so much crap out that it's impossible for an 18 month old to put it away, but at least she will try.

I remember my mom nagging me about putting things away and I can't remember if I was any good at remembering it on my own or if it was a learned skill but I know it makes me buggy now the way things are just strewn about my house by the kids. Jason is a decent picker upper too so thankfully he generally doesn't add to the clutter like I know some husbands do in other families.

I just wish I could figure out how to reprogram Caroline. I know some people will say to just take away everything she has laying around and we've kind of tried that. Problem with the hair stuff is she has so much, it would take about a 3 months for her to finally run out and if it were shoes, she'd end up going to school barefoot, which might be frowned upon. Although maybe we just need to take away the selection. I just get so tired of picking stuff up. But I know a big part of it right now is that Piper just tears everything apart and makes a huge mess and then really can't clean it up herself. I call her "the detonator" because she detonates any room she goes into. I will be very glad when she's over this "pulling everything out and making the room look like it was hit by an earthquake" phase.

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