Wednesday, January 06, 2010

One of my Favorite Piper Things

One of the things I love that Piper is doing right now is at bath time. We tell her it's time for her bath and she gets up those steps as fast as she can. Then, she runs into the bathroom (Piper style) and starts pulling at her clothes, which she can't quite get off. I help her take them off and put them on the floor in a pile. She grabs that whole pile up, runs to her room, opens the hamper, puts them in, and then closes the hamper! Then she runs back to the bathroom and starts trying to take her diaper off. I give her some help and then ball it up and she runs with it to the diaper pail, puts it in, and even flips the top over. Of course then, she runs back to the bathroom clapping for herself. It's all pretty darn cute. She is just so proud of what she can do.

She's even started enjoying putting toys and other things away lately. I'm hoping maybe ONE of my kids will be easier to coax into cleaning up. Caroline and Bryce can be torturous about it although it's still a game right now for Piper so this probably won't last long.


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I can just see her doing this now! What a cutie pie!