Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just have to say how much I love Legos. I always loved them as a kid, but now that my kids have been thoroughly indulged in them, I love them even more. We have sooooo many bricks, so many windows, doors, etc. It's a Lego architect's dream. Last night my SIL and her husband came over and we sat for a few hours and just played Legos. I built the cutest little house complete with a patio and sunroom. And this was mostly without the kids. Who needs kids to play Legos? Kelly and I both think my dad needs to market adult Lego tables because really, adults can get just as much enjoyment out of Legos as kids. Now if only the kids would stop trying to "help" me build my masterpiece. My perfectionism can't handle them wanting to add odd colored bricks or a blue roof to my white house.

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