Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister (and Brother)

The entire day yesterday, both Caroline and Bryce kept singing ,"Hey soul sister, hey soul sister...." over and over and over. I figured it was some song they had made up as they usually do. I wondered if they had heard some of that annoying "Lady Marmalade" song or something since it was the only song I'd ever heard say "soul sister" in it. So after dinner I was in another room playing Legos with Caroline and all of a sudden I hear Jason playing a song on the computer with the lyrics "Hey soul sister...." What??? Turns out, my kids are more up to date on their music than I am. But I guess that's not surprising given that when I drive to and from work I mostly listen to Howard Stern and it was just Christmas so most of the music I've listened to recently was holiday themed. I got a good laugh out of that hearing it's a real song, a decent song, and by a band I've actually heard of - Train. I had a good smile when my clock radio was playing the very same song when I woke up this morning too.

So here's a little dancing by my Soul Brother, Bryce, who seems to let the song get into his soul and help him move.


Anonymous said...

Bryce, I love your choice in music! Bertie just downloaded it from iTunes. You're a great dancer...and handsome too :-)
Love you!

Erika said...

Give Jay the credit - he is the one who downloaded it in early January and is the one who played it for the kids. Mr. Music!

jason said...

Actually I downloaded that several months ago. You're way behind.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.