Friday, January 22, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

Caroline brought home a notice from school yesterday that the school is organizing a fundraiser for Haiti called "Hearts for Haiti" in which kids can buy a heart for 50 cents to put their name on in the lobby and the money will be donated to the Red Cross to relief efforts in Haiti. I asked Caroline if she wanted to do it and she gave me a resounding, "YES!" It's pretty much impossible to escape news coverage of it these days and between the newspaper and Time magazine, the kids have been asking a lot of questions upon seeing questions. We've kept it pretty low key but tried to help them understand what a terrible time the people of Haiti are having and how bad it is down there.

Caroline and Jason counted out 50 cents from her piggy bank to donate. (She's learning about coins in class and about their value, so this was a good exercise for many reasons.) I liked that she was using her own money to donate too. She said she hoped her money would help and it would buy something nice for a kid down there like maybe a Leapster. I told her that a child down there would just be happy to get some clean drinking water and food and then I explained how lucky we were to have all of those things here. I think that was eye opening to her and she seemed to really understand how lucky we are to just have clean water to drink.

I'll be interested to see how much money is collected at the school since the school itself has a lot of families in a lot of trouble themselves.

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Erin said...

I've been using it as a teaching tool as well... Ben sat with me for about 30 minutes the other night watching videos about it on CNN. I think it is the first time he REALLY understood that there are children who don't have all the things we have. One of the videos we watched was about a five-year-old boy who was rescued and I could tell that one, in particular hit home... his school is doing Hearts for Haiti too, although the donation process/how much was kind of unclear. I'll have to look into it further...