Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Caroline woke up Sunday morning with a very slight cough, but when she did cough you could hear the building congestion in her chest. Sweet. I got her some chest decongestant and coached her on some coughing and she seemed to be okay. She said she felt okay although maybe a little tired. When she woke up on Monday, she still had the congestion with goopy sounding cough but felt fine. Again, I gave her the decongestant and sent her to school since I figured if she's going to get sicker, she'll be home later in the week. My mom took her to school that morning and mentioned it to Ms. R so they were aware just in case she went downhill, but she didn't and made it through the whole day fine. Although when she got home, she was pretty worn out and by dinner she was complaining she was cold. By this point she was coughing more and the cough didn't sound as goopy but more hacky. (Great medical terms, eh?) By bedtime, her temp was on the way up so I dosed her up with some ibuprofen and off to dreamland she went. I took her a sippy cup of water to have along with with running the cool mist humidifier. Knowing she had a fever meant no school for her today and while she hasn't had a fever at all today, her cough is terrible. It definitely doesn't sound very congested anymore but she's coughing constantly and it sounds bad. Overall she's acting okay but I really don't know if sending her to school with such a persistent and yucky cough is a good idea. My MIL, who will be at the house tomorrow, seems to agree so unless she has some kind of miraculous recovery over night, I think she'll be staying home again tomorrow.

Not such a big deal since today was only the 2nd day she's missed. Although as soon as she realized she wasn't going to school today she got all sad because she was missing "honey bun" day. Her ES has free "breakfast" for all students because it's Title 1 and so even though she eats a good breakfast at home, she usually eats again there and unfortunately all the options aren't what you'd call healthy. Some aren't too bad, but a "honey bun?" (I think it's called a whole wheat bun or something like that. ) I think she forgot that today was gym day too because she loves gym, mostly because she loves her gym teacher, Ms. K. (She is always sure to wear her special sporty track suits to impress Ms. K or to dress like her, I'm not sure.)

So far Bryce only has a stuffy nose and Piper is okay but I doubt that will last long with as much as Caroline has been coughing and that I caught Piper with Caroline's cup. Such is life with 3 kids - they just recycle the germs over and over. It's building up their immune systems, right?

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