Sunday, January 17, 2010

Funny Stuff Around My House

Caroline's disgusting Hannah Montana wig is back in circulation. She admits she needs a new one and that it's kind of gross, but I guess she really needs it to feel in character. She's also been wearing her HSM cheerleading costume around all weekend and even put it on this morning before 8am. In this photo she's wearing yet another one of her summer outfits. I can't tell you how many times I've come home from work to find her changed into one of her summer outfits and swear she isn't cold. I told her that her summer drawer really should be left alone until, well, summer, but she says if the clothes are in a drawer she can wear them. Now if only I had a nice cedar closet in the basement to stash seasonal clothes in.

I'm not exactly sure why Bryce decided to make a bed on top of the toy box, but he did. This is how I found him yesterday after dinner. After I took a picture I made him get down because I could see that ending with a trip to the ER. He protested that he wouldn't break his arm, but I told him he probably would have said the same thing about carrying big toys up the steps that fateful August 2008 day too.

I get glimpses of the future sometimes and this morning was one of them as Caroline sat sipping her hot chocolate (hence the mustache) and playing on her "lap top." It's a little thing that plays a bunch of games that my BIL gave her for her birthday so not a true computer, but it sure as heck looks like one and it has a mouse, so to her it IS a laptop. Thought it was pretty cute to see her looking like Jay and I on most weekend mornings. (And yes, that is Piper in the background dragging the broom out of the pantry. She's always into something, what else is new?)

And finally, it's been a bit of Lego weekend. Last night my SIL and I had a bit of a Lego house building contest and then this morning, spurred by the yucko weather, I decided to embark on building OUR house. Clearly we didn't have enough white blocks or windows, but I made do with some pretty stripes. I couldn't do a decent roof either or the front gable thingy, but I got the windows and garage right. Caroline was VERY impressed and I took a few pics before it got torn down which inevitably happens very quickly. In the midst of my building, Piper managed to break one of the drawers to the lovely Lego table completely off. Make that Piper, 2, and my father's lovingly built grandkid creations, 0. She has now broken the door off of the oven on the kitchen he made for them and now the drawer on the Lego table. It's a good thing he loves her so much. Although Bryce was the one who cracked the drawer last weekend leaning on it. Jason tried to fix it and split the wood further so I think we need to wait for my dad to give it a look. He admits maybe the design for the drawers weren't as sturdy as necessary but still, it makes me CRAZY the way the kids lean on EVERYTHING. OMG, the leaning is out of control. But enough venting, here is our house in Legos if our house was painted in rainbow stripes (and the garage door was up).


Katie said...

Shhhhh. Don't tell Emily, but I somehow managed to throw her disgusting HM wig out without her noticing!!! Now to get rid of that Rapunzel wig that has seen better days.

Heather said...

WOW! You have some MAD Lego skills!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! Can I make a playdate again to build some more stuff :)

Your SIL