Monday, January 04, 2010

Come, To the New Year, Baby Come

Since we're on the topic of weird, self written songs my kids sing, here's another.

Any of you who have played Wii Fit should know what I'm talking about. Do you know the little tune it plays if you do well on a Wii Fit game? (You have to be smiling at the end of it and not frowny and slouchy!) Anyway, it's just a little tune that I had barely noticed in playing with the Wii Fit for about a year. However, I had heard Caroline singing this little song, "Cooooooooooome, to the New Year, baby, coooommmmmmme..." Over and over and over and over. I had NO idea where it came from but I don't know where a lot of her songs come from.

It took Jason to notice just a few days ago that she had made up words to that little song on Wii Fit and THAT is what she has been singing from time to time this whole year. It's in tune and everything, we just never made the connection.

Leave it to Caroline to put lyrics to a wordless piece.

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Unknown said...

LOL! My husband has put words to the tune on the Wii Fit when you DON'T do well... it goes something like,

"You suck... You suck at this gammme you suuuuuck..."