Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas is Down...I Feel Sad

Yuck. Christmas is down and in boxes. Tomorrow is the last day of break. I'm feeling kind of bummed. Although glad I didn't have to return to work today as I would have had it not been a weekend. Tonight, Jay and I have a date with a HUGE pile of cardboard boxes in the basement because Monday is paper recycling and the last round of paper recycling got missed thanks to the snow. And after Christmas, OHMAGAWD you wouldn't believe how many boxes we have in a pile down there. It's like they are multiplying. We are both putting on gloves and going at 'em with some box cutters. Jay never did make my ultimatum of going to the dump before he went back to work. I have quite a pile down there for him to take. But Purple Heart comes on Monday so a huge pile of crapola (woops, I mean nice, used stuff) will be going to them too. YAY!! So if we get the cardboard and the donations out of there, we'll have a much clearer basement. Jason, dump please??? I'm guessing it won't happen next weekend either since we're having company on Saturday night.

Oh and I just realized I never did thank you notes for Caroline's birthday gifts. Not that she can't help, but it still takes me sitting with her to mainly to do them. Oh and probably a few Christmas thank yous too.

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