Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caroline's Dream

On this MLK, Jr. remembrance day, I would like to leave you with Caroline's "dream" that she composed in class on Friday after her first lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I dream that all the kids in the whole wide world are friends."

Pretty cute for a 6 year old. She also brought home a little "He Had a Dream" coloring booklet they made and she has proceeded to go through and color most of the pages. She seems really interested in it since she sees him as some really nice guy.

Bryce was asking me about him after seeing Caroline's booklet and he asked why we were off and if it was his birthday. Of course he asked if he was still alive. I didn't lie and told him that yes, he was dead but I left it at that. I'm not quite ready for an assassination or hatred discussion just yet.

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toddler said...

LOL. was the booklet in (or stapled to) the shape of a dove? I had to put 25 of those together on Thursday for Ben's class to do on Friday. ;)