Friday, January 08, 2010

Butts on Chairs

Does anyone else have problems keeping your kids' butts on their chairs when they are eating (if they are no longer in a high chair or booster)? Caroline and especially Bryce are TERRIBLE. We spend more time telling them to sit on their butt at meal times. It makes me crazy. We've resorted to some loose bungee cords a few times as a seat belt but even that doesn't help because then they are only focused on getting out of it. It's like they just can't sit still.

Caroline has gotten mildly better recently but has been known to just get up and walk away from the table while Bryce never actually leaves the table but does weird gymnastics things around the chair and the one next to him.

And aside from meal times, the kids are constantly leaning on tables, desks, chairs in ways they were NOT supposed to be used for. If I had a nickel for every time Jason or I say "sit in your chair on your butt" or "stop leaning on that" I would be independently wealthy. This fidgetyness makes me mental. And with it being winter and frigid outside, I know that makes the problem even worse.


toddler said...

YES! And Ben's answer is always, "oh, I forgot" and then five seconds later, he's halfway off the chair again... and Simon's just ALL over the place.

BJ said...

When you find a solution let me know! It drives me nuts. Between the bouncing around and not wanting to finish her dinner sometimes dinner is more work than it is worth. Outside of dinner our biggest thing is she wants to sit on the arm and back of our chair and couch. Ugh

Katie said...

Emily is pretty good about sitting for meals. Lucy is NOT. We tell her to sit down or go to crib and she often chooses the latter. She thinks it's a big game. Very different from her big sis.

Heather said...

Try this:

We use it in schools and it provides feedback (its an OT tool).

Gretchen has decided she "doesn't want food." Sigh.