Friday, January 29, 2010


Caroline was home sick on Tuesday and Wednesday and made it in on Thursday, and I'm so glad she did. Had she not gone in, she would have missed saying good bye to her closest friend in her class, Ashley. It seems Ashley and her family are moving and she will be going to a new elementary school. Her last day was on Tuesday or Wednesday, but thankfully, she came back late in the afternoon on Thursday to say good bye to her classmates, especially Caroline. I guess Caroline was pretty upset because her teacher, Ms. R, gave Caroline Ashley's cubby name tag to take care of since she could see how much she was going to miss Ashley.

In all honestly, I'm kind of sad too. Ashley was my favorite kid in the class (besides Caroline, of course) and just really well suited to Caroline. She's the same little girl who told me back in October that she tries to help Caroline "stay on green" all day because she wants her to have good behavior too. (I think Ashley's good behavior really rubs off on Caroline since I know she sometimes has trouble when she "hangs out" with some of the more mischievous kids in her class.) She is such a sweet and nice kid and Caroline would always tell me about how happy she was to see Ashley and how they hugged after Christmas break because they missed each other so much.

Sigh. Caroline slept with her "Ashley" name tag last night and has been carrying it around all morning playing with it pretending Ashley was there with her. Bryce was going along with it too. I told Caroline about how I lost my best friend in the 4th grade when her family moved away too. Of course, with my friend, we were a little older and stayed pen pals for a good 10 years after but that's not quite possible for kindergartners.

I really shouldn't be too surprised though because of the fairly high transient population in C's school. Given that a great deal of the school is made up of kids living in low income housing nearby, lots of those families tend to move more frequently. (Something I've been told by some teachers at C's school that is one of the hardest things - they don't always have the kids long enough to really make an impact.) So this could be the first of many. Recently Caroline had taken to saying that she and Ashley were BFFs forever. I guess forever was only until the end of January 2010. Jason and I are also hoping that next year's 1st grade placement will group her with more kids at her level too since she's reading/writing so well and not all the kids in her class are. There are 4 kindergarten classes right now, so I'm sure there will be quite a shake up as they all transition to 1st grade.

And on that note, I filled out the form yesterday to pre-register Bryce for pre-k at the same school. He'll definitely be on the wait list but here's hoping he'll get in because I really think it would be great to have both kids at the same school, even if it's just for a half day program for him.


Anonymous said...

Ok so who was the friend in 4th grade?

I'll have the same thing this May when Kenzie ends her time and the school she's in now since it's closing at the end of this year - then next year she'll be somewhere for 1 year and then somewhere else for K the year after! She's making great friends that I'm not sure we'll be able to keep. Makes me sad since I have some friends that I've known since I was 4! But they'll all be fine!

~ Viv

Erika said...

It was Katie O. We're actually still in touch casually - she came to my high school graduation and we haven't been in as close of touch as we've gotten older but we're FB friends and such.

I know she'll be fine, it's just frustrating since of all the kids in the class to leave it was her - my fave kid/friend. There are a few choice others I wouldn't mind moving far far away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah there are a few in Kenzie's class that I'll be glad not to see in a few months (is that mean to type/admit? I mean they are only 3 or 4 but still - WOW!) I know it's preparing me for future years in the public school system that we are in (but we turned out good didn't we?)