Thursday, January 07, 2010

Adoption is Her Option

A few of my pregnant friends were talking about telling their kids they are expecting another baby and Katie remarked how Emily said she didn't want to have kids because it hurts. I had totally forgotten to blog about Caroline's very strong NON-interest in ever having biological children. I have no idea where it came from but it's something that she hasn't changed her mind about in a few years. In fact, when we play Barbies or doll house, we usually pretend that the parents adopted their children. I'm trying to remember back when she started saying it but I really can't remember. I know it was long before I was pregnant with Piper.

She has told me that she doesn't ever want to have kids because it will hurt and that adoption is a "lot easier." I told her that there are lots of kids in this world that need loving parents and that adoption is a very noble thing to do. It's probably been furthered by finding out that a family member that she likes very much is also adopted and she sees what a good situation that is. We talked about how adopted children are "born in their parents' hearts" and just because they don't come out of their mommy's belly that they are just as much their children as a biological child. Caroline really seemed to like that. Of course then she asked if I would ever put her up for adoption. (You know my answer to that one....)

The other night when we were playing with her new Barbie Baby Doctor (that came with 2 babies), it was kind of funny how she set up the adoption of the babies. She made it into a store where the potential parents kind of went shopping - you know, like a pet store. I told her adoption isn't usually a very easy process and that lots of people also adopt children from other countries and that interested her as well.

Obviously, she's only 6 and a lot will change as the years go on. But I'll be happy to have any grandchildren someday whether they are biological or adopted - they will be loved and that is all that matters.

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